Are you sick of buying equipment every year but frightened to rent?

The Problem with Peaks

Every year you buy cages and magnums to increase the fleet for peak trading, spending hard earned capital that you'd rather spend elsewhere. You looked at renting but you fear the penalties for losses.

Most retailers, distributors and service companies encounter peak trading periods during the year: stocking up for Christmas, eggs for Easter, extra milk during the school holidays and flowers for Mothers Day. Trading spikes create a need for additional roll cages and this usually results in buying or renting more equipment.

You benefit from our unique Rental Recovery System

  • You hire cages from us and try to lose as few as possible
  • When you lose rented cages and we find them, we de-hire them for you with no charge

We rent Roll Cages and Magnums

You don't have to buy roll cages every year to handle peak requirements.

You can rent from us through our sister company Roll Cage Rental.


Why not contact us and see how we can help you manage your peak or rebuild your cage fleet?


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