Roll Cages being Recovered


If you don't have sustainability targets now, you soon will have.

Transit Equipment Recovery

We investigate, trace and recover lost, stolen and abused roll cages, produce trays, totes and magnums  and, as  licensed drone operators, we are at the forefront of gathering information on assets in the wrong hands.

We have teams of investigators and recovery officers working across the country. Armed with a Letter of Authority from you, we will recover your assets from locations and companies outside your normal supply chain. Our asset tracking service also assists our investigators in tracing where your equipment is being lost.

Even if you know where your equipment might be, you are unlikely to have staff qualified to recover those assets.

We can provide that recovery service for you and this brings a number of benefits:

  • You only pay on results, no retainers or up-front costs
  • Your capital expenditure on transit assets will reduce
  • Your impact on the environment will reduce
  • Your reputation is protected because we do all the work

Is this where your transit assets end up?

It doesn't have to be this way. Losing equipment is not inevitable. You can fight back.

Why not talk to us to find out how you can reduce your equipment losses and help protect the environment?


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