Recover overstocks and charge for losses with our full audit and reconciliation service.

How many of your transit assets are out of your control?

Your roll cages, trays and magnums can be sitting at suppliers, customers and your own stores. Only an independent count will find them.

Suppliers who deliver to stores in their customers’ branded food trays or magnums have a habit of stockpiling trays to handle spikes in demand.

Your own distribution centres will try to hoard assets for peak and retail stores are always happy to store rubbish in valuable roll cages.

Customers don't see your delivery assets as high priority and will often use them elsewhere.

We send in our trained auditors to count and reconcile missing and stockpiled roll cages, trays and magnums, allowing you to take whatever action you deem appropriate.  We use drone technology to augment our audit accuracy.


Uncover the hidden assets in your supply chain

When you don't know where your assets are, it ends up costing you money

Independent audits give you the information you need to recover those assets.

Why not contact us and see how we can help you gain control of your "hidden" transit assets?


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