Client Savings

You can support sustainability AND save money

National supermarket chain

Detecting losses and illegal use of client’s roll cages and trays and repatriating to sites across the country.

Client saving: £120,000 p.a.

National food service company

Repatriation of roll cages from non-customer locations where the supply chain has “leaked”.

Client saving: £250,000 p.a.

Supplier of goods & services to NHS

Returning cages to client found outside regular supply lines. Audits of hospitals and laundries to prevent misuse.

Client saving: £1.4 million p.a.

National FMCG retailer

Liberation of unmarked and orphan roll cages, refurbished and returned to general circulation.

Client saving: £280,000 rescued and reintroduced

National supermarket chain

Audit of supplier base to detect losses of produce trays and prevent stockpiling for unapproved use.

Client saving: Combined benefit £1.0 million p.a.

National laundry service

Repatriation of roll cages from hospitals and hotels.

Client saving: £35,000 p.a.

National supermarket chain

Recovery of produce trays from unauthorised sites.

Client saving: £170,000 p.a.

Department store chain

General sweep of premises to recover lost rather than stolen roll cages.

Client saving: £30,000 p.a.

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