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Recover overstocks and charge for losses with our full audit and reconciliation service. 

The Problem

Suppliers who deliver to stores in their customers’ branded food trays have a habit of stockpiling trays to handle spikes in demand.

Taken across the whole supplier base this can add up to hundreds of thousands of trays being out of circulation amd just sitting in suppliers’ premises.

It also leads to the temptation to use one customer’s trays to deliver to another customer’s stores. So as a retailer, you could be subsidising your competitors!

The Solution

We send our auditors into your suppliers’ sites and, armed with the latest system stock figures, we carry out a full reconciliation of tray stocks, allowing you to recover overstocks and charge for losses.

The Facts Speak For Themselves

For one of our clients, over a six-month period, we uncovered almost half a million stockpiled or lost trays.

Why not contact us and see how we can help you manage your peak in the short term?  

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no need to replace lost or damaged equipment

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no more hours spent recovering or buying new equipment

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equipment is there when you need it

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as you need, making the most of seasonal trends.

See our client savings

Recovery and Audit

Supplier of Goods & Services to NHS

CLIENT SAVING £1.4 million p.a.

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Tray Recovery

National Supermarket Chain

CLIENT SAVING £170,000 p.a.

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National Supermarket Chain

CLIENT SAVING £120,000 p.a.

View more case studies

Some of our clients

“In my opinion the ACQSYS model is absolutely unique in its approach and Bill and Graham have proved many times that they can create and lead successful teams to reach the goals they aim for.”

John Harvey CBE, Chairman Keswick Enterprises Limited

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