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Are you tired of
paying for lost
rental roll cages?


Most retailers, distributors and service companies encounter peak trading periods during the year:

  • Stocking up for Christmas
  • Eggs for Easter
  • Extra milk during the school holidays
  • Flowers for Mothers Day

Trading spikes create a need for additional roll cages and this usually results in buying or renting more equipment.

benefit from our unique RENTAL and lease REBATE SCHEME

We have a unique model where you benefit from our success in recovering lost cages

  • You hire cages from us and try to lose as few as possible
  • Inevitably you will lose some
  • Although you pay for the losses we return a rebate to you based on the number of ACQSYS rental cages we recover
  • This is our Rental Rebate Scheme and it is unique

Cage Leasing

We also offer a comprehensive cage leasing service for those who don't want to rent or make large capital purchases

  • You lease cages from ACQSYS over an agreed term and at the end, the cages are yours
  • The lease charge includes repair and refurbishment of the cages
  • If you lose cages you benefit from our unique rebate scheme to reduce the cost of replacement

One way or the other we can help you manage your peak or rebuild your cage fleet without using valuable capital. 


Why not contact us and see how we can help you manage your peak or rebuild your cage fleet?  

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no need to replace lost or damaged equipment

Save time icon

no more hours spent recovering or buying new equipment

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equipment is there when you need it

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as you need, making the most of seasonal trends.

See our client savings

Tray Audit

National Supermarket Chain

CLIENT SAVING Combined benefit £1.0 million p.a.

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National FMCG retailer

CLIENT SAVING £280,000 rescued and reintroduced

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Department Store Chain

CLIENT SAVING £30,000 p.a.

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Some of our clients

“In my opinion the ACQSYS model is absolutely unique in its approach and Bill and Graham have proved many times that they can create and lead successful teams to reach the goals they aim for.”

John Harvey CBE, Chairman Keswick Enterprises Limited

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