Client savings

National Supermarket Chain

Detecting losses and illegal use of client’s roll cages and trays and repatriating to sites across the country.

CLIENT SAVING £120,000 p.a.

National Food Service Company

Repatriation of roll cages from non-customer locations where the supply chain has “leaked”.

CLIENT SAVING £250,000 p.a.

Supplier of Goods & Services to NHS

Returning cages to client found outside regular supply lines. Audits of hospitals and laundries to prevent misuse.

CLIENT SAVING £1.4 million p.a.

National FMCG retailer

Liberation of unmarked and orphan roll cages, refurbished and returned to general circulation.

CLIENT SAVING £280,000 rescued and reintroduced

National Supermarket Chain

Audit of supplier base to detect losses of produce trays and prevent stockpiling for unapproved use.

CLIENT SAVING Combined benefit £1.0 million p.a.

National Laundry Service

Repatriation of roll cages from hospitals and hotels.


CLIENT SAVING £35,000 p.a.

National Supermarket Chain

Recovery of produce trays from unauthorised sites.


CLIENT SAVING £170,000 p.a.

Department Store Chain

General sweep of premises to recover lost rather than stolen roll cages.

CLIENT SAVING £30,000 p.a.

Some of our clients

“As part of a wide network of supply chain professionals I always go to ACQSYS when I'm looking for smart asset management programmes.”

William Randall, Chief Executive LAWS Ltd

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