Over £200 million a year is lost through misplaced or stolen transit equipment

We can put a stop to this

ACQSYS reduces losses by recovering equipment and preventing theft

How ACQSYS could help you

Savings can be significant, with no upfront costs and you only pay on results

What can I save

Are you missing valuable equipment?

  • Roll cages
  • Tote Boxes
  • Bread-Produce Trays
  • Stillages
  • Pallets
  • MAGNums 
  • we pay recovery bounties


We track down and recover your assets with no involvement from you. There are no upfront costs and you only pay on results.  We can even repair and restore your equipment as well.

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You may not know the full extent of missing or damaged equipment, so we start with a full audit, reporting back to you what is missing and where it is.

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 When you rent or lease cages from us we offer the unique ACQSYS Rental Rebate Scheme where you benefit from our Recovery success.  

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Don’t waste money disposing of unwanted roll cages and trays, let us do it for you. If the equipment is owned by our clients, or unbranded, we will clear it free of charge.


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no need to replace lost or damaged equipment

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no more hours spent recovering or buying new equipment

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equipment is there when you need it

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allows you to buy quality items and grow your business

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keeping items in service reduces carbon footprint

Who are ACQSYS?

ACQSYS (pronounced axis)  is a unique asset management business, providing a recovery service for manufacturers, distributors and retailers who deliver products in re-usable transit equipment. If you employ this type of equipment you inevitably lose some of it through theft, systematic abuse, laziness, supply chain inefficiencies, or simply poor operating procedures.  

ACQSYS tracks down your equipment and repatriates it for you.  In addition, we provide supply chain audit and investigative services because our goal is to fix the problem at source and change attitudes towards these valuable business assets.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Every time a piece of equipment goes missing it results in more capital expenditure and the depletion of valuable natural resources.

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How much could we save you?

The savings to your business will be significant. There are no upfront costs and you only pay on results. The services we provide to save our clients money include those tailored especially for distributors, manufacturers, retailers and trade associations.

Our audits, equipment recovery and rental services have resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds per year for our clients and have led to an overall reduction in the level of abuse, thereby helping to ensure their long term viability and reducing the impact on the environment.

Visit the link below to see the savings we have achieved for companies such as major supermarkets, hospitals, laundries and major department stores and wholesalers ranging from £30,000 to a staggering £1.4 million per annum.

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Some of our clients

“As part of a wide network of supply chain professionals I always go to ACQSYS when I'm looking for smart asset management programmes.”

William Randall, Chief Executive LAWS Ltd

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